About This Site

Welcome to my site, XtremeRevolution.net. However you got here, thank you for visiting. I’d like to briefly introduce myself.

I’m an engineer by trade in the IT field, but in my free time, I run a business on the side involved in the automotive industry. Currently, that business involves selling AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, making custom Big 3 wiring kits to support upgraded audio systems or electrical accessories, selling PCV fix kits for the GM LUV/LUJ 1.4L engine, and building mobile audio accessories such as MDF baffles and subwoofer enclosures under the umbrella of my Titan Synthetics business. Titan Synthetics is a formal sole proprietorship registered with Lake county, Indiana, and the state of Indiana for sales tax purposes.

I have extensive experience, proficiency, and knowledge in automotive mechanics, home and mobile acoustics, and lubrication engineering. The last four years of my free time have been spent heavily involved in the study and research of automotive lubrication. It is my hope that I can pass along some of my knowledge through this site and that you may find its contents informative and helpful.

I am always available for questions, just use the contact page to reach me and I will respond as soon as possible.

You will note that I have Google ads displayed on my website. Please note that these exist in order to offset the cost of domain, e-mail, and hosting expenses associated with running this site.

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